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2016 Christmas Programs

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Tikapur Children's Home: Building Fund

The Tikapur Children's home provides a safe place for kids who are at risk of being sold into slavery or prostitution. The new building will be a place of refuge for up to forty boys and girls.

Tikapur Children's Home: Monthly Sponsorship

$40 a month covers housing, food, medical, clothing and school fees for one child. Sponsorship money is added to a common fund and used to help all the kids in the house.

Earthquake Relief Fund

Emergency relief for the people of Nepal following the recent earthquake. These funds will be administered by our local partners.

Grace School Technology Project

This project will provide 25 tablets for educational use at the Grace School Campus to serve students from grades K-8 as well as teachers.

Grace Medical Clinic and Maternity Center

The vision for Grace Medical Clinic is to share the love of God with the people of this community and serve them in a very practical way through providing basic medical care.

Livestock Gift: Goats and Piglets


The gift of a goat or piglet can help a family lift themselves out of poverty by providing an income source.

General Fund: One Time Gift

Gifts made to the general fund will be used to meet needs as they arise in the areas of clean water, school support, medical expenses, capital purchases etc.

General Fund : Monthly Gift

Gifts made to the general fund will be used to meet needs as they arise in the areas of clean water, school support, medical expenses, capital purchases etc.

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Another Relief Mission: Your Donations in Action

May 21, 2015

Today the team delivered relief aid to 50 families from the villages of Sankhu, Changu and Sundarijal in the Bhaktapur district.

Watch video.

This is the translation of the video above:

"God bless you and thank you for this help. We are from Changu in the Bhaktpur district mountain area. It takes us one hour by bus to get here. We hope we find a bus to get back today otherwise we will have to walk. We lost everything from the earthquake. We have nothing left."

CLICK HERE to make a donation.

Kathmandu: Tent City

May 21, 2015

Tent cities have popped up in open green spaces all over the city.

With the magnificence of the Himalayas as a backdrop, the bustling city of Kathmandu has always been known for its allure to tourists, trekkers and those searching for a better understanding of the culture of Nepal.

In the aftermath of the earthquake, Kathmandu has a new identity, that of a tent city. This video, shot just a few days ago, shows the new Kathmandu, a city of rubble and ruin where people are now living on the sidewalks under tarps held up by ropes. Some have no homes to return to, others are just afraid to return home as strong aftershocks continue to rumble through the region.

Madan posted on his Facebook page last week "5.0 Richter scale earthquakes are just normal for us now."

CLICK HERE to make a donation to earthquake relief efforts by Bridge to Nepal.

Beauty Juxtaposed with Destruction: Post Earthquake Nepal

May 14, 2015

The images in this video are heartbreaking. Each devastated home has a story behind it. Each crumbled building has affected someone's livelihood. The need in Nepal will far surpass our resources. Please CLICK HERE to make a donation to earthquake relief efforts in Nepal.

Thank you for your love and support for the people in Nepal during this most difficult time.

Another Major Earthquake Rocks Kathmandu

May 14, 2015

On May 12, 2015, another 7.4 magnitude earthquake struck the Kathmandu area. At least 65 people were killed in Nepal and another 1,900 were injured. There are also reports of casualties in India and China. The quake triggered many landslides blocking the roads and complicating relief efforts. Already fragile buildings were furthered compromised. A hospital in Kathmandu collapsed leaving some people trapped.

Watch the most recent video on our blog at BridgeToNepal.blogspot.com

More Relief Aid for Bhaktapur

May 12, 2015

Yesterday, food and tents were delivered to 46 families in Khadka Gaun in the Bhaktapur district, after becoming aware of a very sad situation there. Some help had been delivered to this village, but the higher caste families were not sharing the relief aid with the lower caste families. The higher caste families were using the extra drinking water given to them to irrigate their farmland rather than giving it to the lower caste families in need.

Families are using broken rice bags as make-shift tents

It has been raining quite a bit since the earthquake, and this is not typical weather for this time of year in Nepal. The woman in the picture above told our team members that her family has been living under a make shift tent made of broken rice bags to stay out of the rain. She was very thankful for our help.

More relief is planned for another nearby village tomorrow.

We have been able to help many families so far with food and tents and there are many more in need.

Thank you for your generous support for the earthquake affected people in Nepal. If you would like to make a contribution please CLICK HERE.

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