Tikapur Children's Home

Fundraiser by Carla
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This fundraiser supports Bridge to Nepal

About This Fundraiser

The Tikapur Children's Home has been a place of respite and nurturing for hundreds of children over the years. Its’ purpose is to provide a home to children who are at risk of being sold as an indentured servant or worse into prostitution. Not only do theses children have a place to live and food to eat, but they are welcomed into a loving family. In addition, the children are provided with an education. Many of the children who have lived at the home over the years have gone on to receive college educations and have returned to the Tikapur community to help serve as teachers to children in need. The current building that the children live in is old and does not provide the security needed. It also cannot support the number of children who need care and help. The new children’s home is being built to be a place of refuge for up to forty children and several caretakers. We hope you will partner with us in this effort. To read more about the Tikapur Children's Home, please go to www.bridgetonepal.blogspot.com.

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About Bridge to Nepal

True Sojourners is a supporter of the Bridge to Nepal project, which started with the redemption of Nepali families from slavery. It has now become our largest project, involving the building of schools, starting of farms, micro loan projects, and water purification systems. The project is literally affecting thousands of lives! It continues to expand each year.

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